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Plazma Burst Hacked

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Computer games are a craze everywhere in the world. It becomes more so when you are able to play the game online. The teenagers of today enjoy violent games. Such people would surely enjoy Hacked version of Plazma Burst game which is full of upgrades, level ups and new possibilities compared to the first part Plazma Burst. For people who love a violent streak in them, Plazma Burst Hacked should be a piece of cake. You can play in solo mode as well as a multiplayer mode. The main attraction of this game is the appealing graphics. The game is a fast moving one. People with excellent hand-eye coordination would be able to excel in this game. Let us now see the features, rules, as well as the controls of the game.


Plazma Burst Hacked is a violent shooting game requiring tremendous skill to play. There are sixteen levels in the game. Each of them is a challenging one with a player having to devise novel methods of shooting as well as avoid the enemy shooting you. Players can take different routes to achieve the objective. This is what makes the game more interesting. You would not know the route of the game till the finish.

Objective Of The Game:

The aim of the game Plazma Burst Hacked is to finish all your enemies at all the sixteen levels to emerge as triumphant. At the start of the game, you have five grenades in your armory. You have to manage with your grenades and guns carefully, because to buy more guns, bullets and upgrades you need money and at the beginning of the game you do not have any cash so you need to collect money to upgrade your armory later. You can buy other weapons and armors. The players also have the option to choose their difficulty level at the start of the game.


You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard for moving. Alternatively, you can use the WASD buttons for maneuvering. The mouse buttons come into play when you have to aim and shoot. Defense is a very important part of this game. Use the space bar for jumping and ducking around. The right approach to the game strategy will greatly help you in the destruction of your enemies.

Selection Of Weapons:

Use the buttons "1, 2, and 3 for selecting melee weapons. The computer key "Q" chooses the last weapon you use whereas you can use "V" to drop the weapon at any time. Using G can bring out your grenades. The "X" button denotes the fall whereas you can use "Z" to take a warp while playing. In order to have a pause in the game, "P" does the trick whereas "C" can activate the kinetic mode. In case you wish to quit the game, the "Esc" key allows you to do it.

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